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 "Butterflies breaking through the clothes"
The concept of this piece is about what we transmit and what we release to others through or energy in the shape of the butterflies that come from the inside and surrounded her.

Location: 104 S. Scoville Ave. 499-439 South Blvd, Oak Park, IL 60302


The name of this piece is Las Raices del alma (Roots of the Soul) represents the culture and traditions that are part of what we acquire as a person and what we pass on to the next generation. Also, I wanted to portray the concept of "harmony" by the contrast between intense colors and the rested figure that represents tranquility.
Location: 200 E Chicago St, Elgin, IL 60120


Mural based on poem "Caged Bird" By Maya Angelou

Location: State St and Congress St, Chicago IL


The Thought, Mural By Melina Scotte

Location:901W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607


“Resilience “the new mural done for the month of October dedicated to breast cancer awareness, the survivors, the ones that are still fighting, and the prevention.
It represents a diversity of women that go through the same process. the principal concept that I wanted to express is about the capacity of Resilience, Hope and Strength.
It is represented through the Lotus Flower that grows in muddy water, the flowers blossoms on long stalks by the mud below.
Lotus flowers have the meaning of resilience, love and compassion.

Location: 113 East Oak Street, Chicago, Illinois


Violet Hour-Wicker Park Chicago 2021